Are You A First Time Home Buyer?

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No doubt buying a home is an exciting process, while at the same time it is also confusing, especially if you are planning to buy a home for the first time. Various thoughts and ideas would enter your head leaving you entirely confused on deciding the type of home, the location, and the style of the home.

Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you get your dream home without much confusion and hassles.

  • Make a plan of your home according to your living standards. Do you require an independent house or an apartment on the ground floor, the number of bed rooms, whether you require a garage or a garden etc.
  • Surely you will opt for a loan to buy a home, in this case choose the genuine lenders who do not take very high interest rates. See that you have a small amount saved so you can pay at least a minimum of 10% of the value of the home initially.
  • Seek the sound advice from family or friends who have experience in real estate business or find a genuine Real Estate Agent, speak contract fees and use the solicitor to find you the home of your choice.
  • The Agent will show you a few prospective properties. You can negotiate a proper rate through your Agent, but at the same time if you feel the rate offered is worth and don’t want to lose the place just ask your Agent to start the legal paper work to buy the property.
  • The Agent will start the survey and the report will be sent to you in due course and the contract can then be signed and finalized confirming you as the owner of the property legally.
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