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The Inman Intel Index survey, also known as the Triple-I, is now open.  Now in its sixth month, the Triple-I gathers insights, outlooks and sentiment from the residential real estate world’s most engaged professionals.

This month, we’ve added a host of new questions that will tap into commissions, recruiting and shifting market dynamics. Answers from agents, mortgage professionals, proptech players and industry executives will be fleshed out in extensive coverage next month.


The insights gathered from you and your peers illuminate industry trends, from the state of the housing market to advances in technology like artificial intelligence.

Here are a few key findings unearthed by the Triple-I since September:

  • More than 8 out of 10 real estate company leaders invested in technology in 2023, and 75 percent said they would do so this year. (January)
  • One in 4 agents surveyed said they managed to grow their business revenues in 2023. (December)
  • Over 1 in 4 agents who responded said a significant chunk of their clients had mentioned commission suits, 3x as many as in late October. (November)

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